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Registration and getting started

Video: How do you create a booksalon account? In this article you will also find other instructions regarding the use of the system.

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In this article you will find:

Video on how to create an account and a new salon in the booksalon system:

1. Registration:

We want to offer a free account to anyone who is interested. With a free account you have access to many useful features, such as appointment booking and client register. The security of your account is important to us, so you should confirm your phone number and email when creating an account.

  1. Create a free account here.

    a.) Enter the information and choose a strong password.

  2. Confirm your phone number by entering it and clicking on "send confirmation code".

    a.) Enter the confirmation code received in the field. Click "confirm code".

  3. Confirm your email according to the instructions. You will receive an e-mail containing a confirmation link to the e-mail address entered in the booksalon account.

    a.) Click on the confirmation link.

    b.) Log in to the system.

4. Congratulations, your email and phone number have been verified!

Your account is ready for the next onboarding steps.

2. Creating a salon and adding services

  1. Follow the instructions and fill in the information regarding your company and salon. You can also edit the information and images later. You can proceed by clicking the button: "Save and continue".

    If you wish, you can read the article on how to create additional salons here.

  2. Add opening hours and photos of the salon.

    a.) The picture of the salon will appear on the appointment booking website and in the booking confirmation email sent to your customer.

    b.) From your profile, you can upload a picture, an intro text, and the public name that will be visible to customers.

  3. Add services to your salon.

    a.) Enable the categories depending on what services you offer.

    b.) Set the prices and descriptions. You can also modify the services later.

Tip: With the "PREVIEW" function, you can see how your booking page looks like for the customer.

3. Employees and rental chairs

Invite other users

a.) Enter the e-mail address of the employee or rental chair/entrepreneur to invite them to the system.

b.) Assign them the correct role and rights.

Read more here on how you assign the right role to a user. Please note that the role titles are not visible to customers.

  • You can also add users later from the settings.

4. Offer

  1. In the last phase of the salon account onboarding, when you create a new location, you can order the PRO version if you wish to do so.

  2. By clicking on the option: "Yes, please" you can fill in your account information and the PRO version will be activated for you immediately.

  3. By clicking "No thanks, maybe later" you come to the free version page. If you wish, we can activate the PRO version for you afterwards.

Note! If you have been given your own personal offer for the PRO version, it is always the one that is valid.

5. Shifts

You will need to create shifts. When you're done, you can open the calendar for bookings.

Here you will find useful tips on using the calendar in regards to:

6. Calendar settings

Set up Calendar settings

a.) You can find your personal calendar settings from the menu in the upper right corner of the page.

b.) You can set up and edit the calendar settings of the salon from the Settings tab, from the menu on the left hand side.

c) Also take a look at Notification settings if you want to receive notifications related to bookings. Notification settings can also be found in the menu in the upper right corner.

Booksalon Customer Service

  • We will be happy to help you with the onboarding and answer any of your questions.

  • You will primarily get help from us quickly via the chat.

  • The chat is available on weekdays during office hours. Through the chat, you will be personally attended to by our customer service representatives.

  • The chat can be found in the system by clicking on the purple icon in the lower right corner.

Video instructions for onboarding

You can learn more about onboarding through our two video instructions. In the video instructions you will find more information about various settings and tools.

See more detailed video instructions on setting up the system here

PRO version

Setting up payment services and merchant account

Activate the PRO package when you want more versatile features, such as gift cards, PoS and a payment terminal. The payment terminal is automatically integrated with the PoS feature in our system.

  • Since we are providing a payment service, we need to verify your identify and create a merchant account for you.

  • For a merchant account, you will need to fill up the merchant agreement in the system after PRO has been activated for you.


payment+terminal.png (347×217)

p.s. Please note that if you want the rental chairs' transactions to be settled to their own bank accounts when they use the same payment terminal, they must also complete their own merchant accounts. We do not charge extra for this.

Setting up two-factor authentication

If you wish to set up two-factor authentication for your account, which increases data security, you can read the instructions here.

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